The Jay and Kay Team

The management team has over 150 years of experience with automotive process and quality knowledge.


Jim Essad President / CEO

Core: Create an environment where our team works well together to ensure our quality and reliability for customers.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: Constant challenges and innovation.

Favorite thing to do: Hunting, vacation, and spending time with family.

Vision: To move into a new facility and grow our company to the next level.


Brian Wood General Manager

Core: Overseeing daily operations, customer interactions and purchasing all goods and services for the company.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: It’s never boring – always something different.

Favorite thing to do: Working on the family centennial farm, spending time with family and hunting.

Vision: To insure continued employment for our employees by exceeding customers’ expectations with the highest quality products.


Cullen Engle Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Core: Business & Marketing Development. Delighting our customers through the delivery of the highest quality products and customer service.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: The challenge of product and process innovation to stay ahead of competition while maintaining the highest level of quality and delivery.

Favorite thing to do: Reading, traveling, sports and spending time with family.

Vision: To diversify into new products and markets that are within our core competencies. To be the most valued business partner of all our customers.


Scott Campbell Senior Product Designer

Core: Product design and prototype development.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: The opportunity for new ideas; seeing raw materials turn into a finished idea.

Favorite thing to do: Spending time with my family and attending sporting events.

Vision: To develop new products that will impact the marine industry in a positive way.


Karen Vanderhoff Human Resource Manager

Core: Knowledge and experience in employment law, compensation, benefits and employee retention.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: Getting to see our product go from an idea to a functional product.

Favorite thing to do: Being around my family and part of the community band.

Vision: To be the best in the business and the largest employer in Croswell.


Jennifer Lingemann Controller

Core: Finances

Favorite thing about manufacturing: Always something new; I like the challenge.

Favorite thing to do: I love gardening.

Vision: I would love to see this company become the greater success I know it can be.


Jim Williams Body Shop Manager

Core: Keep the body shop running as efficiently as possible.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: The everyday challenge.

Favorite thing to do: Relaxing and spending time with the family.

Vision: Continue to grow and become more profitable.


Tony Reinke Production Supervisor

Core: Manage daily production in the fabrication and welding department.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: Working with the employees on the floor to accomplish daily goals.

Favorite thing to do: Watching my kids dominate in sports and being outdoors hunting and fishing.

Vision: See our team succeed through hard work and dedication to the company.


Mark Michling Production Supervisor

Core: To keep the shop running while the world sleeps.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: People working together as a team to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Favorite thing to do: Experience and learn new things.

Vision: A company that grows, both in Profit, and as a great place to work.


Jim Michling Maintenance Manager

Core: Keeping Maintenance, IT, and Safety ahead of the game.

Favorite thing about manufacturing: The diversity of daily challenges.

Favorite thing to do: Fixing, building, and learning new skills.

Vision: For every aspect of our manufacturing infrastructure to be as efficient as possible.